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I’ve finally decided on my AAC cosplay lineup!!  Took long enough hehe

Friday:  Mikan Tsumiki from SDR2!  I’ll be attending the 3pm Dangan Ronpa shoot and hanging out with my Nanami.

Saturday: God Tier Dave Strider for the Ask a Homestuck: It’s just a Scratch panel!  It’s at 11am in Salon C, and has a ton of cool people like Welcometotheinnsmouth, Pyropi, Cowbuttcrunchies, Drunkfeferi, Thiefofmind, and tons more!!  Definitely come and see us answer your questions and have tons of fun!

Saturday Night: Derse Dave with my Rose, for late-night shenanigans

Sunday: Bee from Bee and Puppycat!  Its still super up in the air what I’m gonna be sunday, if anything at all.  Either Bee, Dave, John, or Roxy uvu

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  2. starkmyspark said: You’re in for a lot of fun, let me tell you ;u; If you don’t mind, I’m doing a Bee cosplay but I’m not too sure where to get a bee emblem, would you know what to do by any chance? ah sorry for bothering;;
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